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SB 52070

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Sofisticated on the nose, with long-lasting fruity aromas from the grapes Vranac and Kratošija, characterized by crystal clear taste and extremely full of flavor.


Year of Manufacturing        2012
Wine Varity                          70% Vranac
                                             30% Kratošija
Alcohol                                 50%

Brandy made from selected grapes of Vranac and Kratošija, grown on specific micro-locations of the vineyard. Kruna has a rich bouquet, typical for these two varieties. Its unique aroma remains unchanged by aging in inox tanks. Brandy is colorless, crystal clear with a mildly fruity aroma and rounded taste.


Temperatura: 9 – 13°C

Pairing with food

It is recommended both before and after a meal. It can also be used for making cocktails. It is served cooled at the temperature of 9–13⁰C.